Quick question.

This may sound like a noob question but I really need to know so I can pull the trigger on a ledger purchase. It’s my understanding that ledger supports Cardano. I know how to set up the Cardono app with the chrome extension Yoroi. My only question is, what happens if I lose my ledger? Of course I’ll have my recovery phrase for the ledger, but since it generated an address for Cardano will the recovery seed phrase restore my cardano holdings?

This is the only thing that scares me. Of course I’ll have my recovery seed phrase for my ledger, but does that recovery phrase also restore my cardano? I’m assuming I’ll have to keep up with multiple recovery phrases…. Or no? The idea of that is very unattractive.

I maybe overthinking this, but this is important to me. I have a looooot of Ada and I want to make absolutely certain that in the event of my ledger failing, my recovery seed phrase also restores my cardano…

What do you think?

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  1. the ledger does not do anything other than perform cryptographic signatures generated by the private seed. If you have that seed you can restore any crypto secured by that signature, even if you use it on a non-ledger device.

    So, yes, your Cardano would be safe so long as you don’t lose your seed phrase.

  2. Yeah I just setup the Yoroi thing to start staking. The ledger nano x seams to do a good job of ticking you off though. Can’t be slow hitting the buttons or you gotta start again. Love the security in that!

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