I have a thought… maybe someone can help clear the air for me and give me a better understanding of the Owl’s perspective (joke). If we earn reflections based on buy/sell and the heavier your bag is the more tokens you accumulate from reflections, for those who already have hundreds of billions and the whales who have trillions atm, why would they sell if they earn hundreds/thousands of dollars already in reflections per day or based on daily volume? Why would they ever let their bag go down to say 1billion tokens or 100million tokens? For Ex. Whale #1 earns about 1B in reflections per day, that’s about 3k or more (not trying to be accurate here), he can just pull out that 3k every other day and remain the #1 whale…..right?

What do you think?

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  1. You have kind of answered your own question.
    To make use of those reflections on a regular basis, they have to sell.
    Also over time people will always sell big chunks for other investments or big purchases

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  3. Imo just makes or so they have a bunch of money, and no longer need concern themselves with the overall success of SafeMoon and any fluctuations in value potentially tanking.
    I get what you’re saying but really, these whales are at a level.where they’re playing life on free mode now.
    People aren’t necessarily gonna stay just because it COULD make them more.

  4. Nothing can stop someone from only selling reflections. I first thought the whales could bleed the project this way and that all new money coming in was just pulled out by the whales. But look at the math behind it…

    Every (taxable) transaction is docked 10%: 5% to LP, 2% burn (this is increasing), and 3% reflections (this is decreasing.) The whales get 20-30% of reflections (depending on your definition of a whale), or 0.5-1% of every transaction back in the form of reflections.

    So… the whales would receive $1MM per day in reflections only if the daily volume was $100MM. If they sold them all daily it would only add 1% to daily volume. If the whole community sold every reflection received daily it would only add 3% to daily volume. Any that number drops as the burn wallet grows.

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