Response to Jackson Palmer. Shibez get behind me on this one

Dear Mr Palmer,

It is with some disappointment that some of us in the Dogecoin community read your bitter broadside on Twitter that was directed at all cryptocurrency communities.

Personally, some of your arguments resonate. We do see hypercapitalist forces exploiting cryptocurrency for their own greed. We do see champions of the mainstream financial system taking advantage of blockchain to further their own greed and wealth.

But for me, the disappointment with your broadside is in your omission of the benefits that cryptocurrency has brought to disenfranchised and financially excluded communities around the world.

Cryptocurrency is making a difference in countries like El Salvador, Argentina, Lebanon (and soon to be Panama, it seems). Countries where hyperinflation exists or that have been disadvantaged severely by the global financial and monetary system. Cryptocurrency has reempowered these nations and restored some of their dignity to make their own decisions independent of the dominant supranational structures that seem to benefit established global superpowers.

Coming to our community – 2 million and growing – and which exists in part due to your effort in the creation of Dogecoin – there have been hundreds of stories of people who have been able to turn around their personal crises, pay medical bills, repay crushing debt and care for loved ones simply because this thing you’ve helped create has empowered them with the means to do so.

We can accept that maybe some of these success stories might be manufactured by karma seekers but we can also accept that even if say 10 out if 100 stories are true, then 10 individuals or families have benefited from this very coin you helped create – and walked away from in 2015.

Others continue the fight without you to win recognition and adoption for Dogecoin. Please don’t belittle their/our efforts. Whether you agree or not, great good has come out of this. You would do well to spend the time and energy to at least understand that.

Thank you and best regards,

An honest Shibe
(And 0.205 HODLer)

What do you think?

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  1. You are too nice. I’m so done wasting my time on his PMS, he probably just hit his puberty. He is nobody now to me. A chicken Mac nobody. Not only he tossed all of us under the bus, but also he exhibited his foolishness and selfishness out. I’m glad he has been on his separate path for awhile.

  2. As someone new to the crypto-space, I wondered did Mr. Palmer really believe that those who have become uber wealthy from the centralized financial system would destroy the very system that made them wealthy?!? I dunno, maybe it’s me who doesn’t understand… But that sure sounds like someone not wanting money because rich people own the banks…

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