Rhythm Music [1.8m Market Cap] [1 week old] The First Bridge Between Music & DeFi – Music Streaming Product + Listed on CoinGecko + HODL Partnership + SatoshiStreetBets Hidden Gem – Posting in 5 minutes

Hey everyone!

Rhythm is the token powering the BeatPlaylist music streaming platform, powering our NFT albums, singles, playlists, and pins, and will offer wallet perks such as free premium to wallet holders of more than 10 million tokens and will power the Artist Partner Program.

BeatPlaylist is a Desktop music streaming platform with over 100 million songs. Our embedding tools allowed us to create a powerful yet simple to use interface that transforms YouTube into a tokenized music streaming platform.

Artist Partner Program:

The Artist Wallet will fund our Artist Partnership Program, which will track partnered artists streams on BeatPlaylist and will calculate a monthly payout based on the number of streams partnered artists receive.

BeatPlaylist already has all of the music, and YouTube already pays the artists for non-premium member streams. So artists who choose not to partner with Rhythm are just losing out on their percentage of the pie, which will get delegated to another artist who is partnered with Rhythm.

Now realistically, if you told Drake that he was losing millions of dollars of potential revenue per month to Travis Scott because Travis was partnered with Rhythm, and Drake wasn’t. The first thing Drake would do is he would contact his manager and make sure he was partnered with Rhythm the next day.

This system of FOMO will spiral up the entire music industry. When smaller artists are paid out large amounts of transaction taxes every month, which more prominent artists could be receiving, those more prominent artists won’t just sit there and not partner with Rhythm.

Our premium subscription service will accept both Rhythm and Fiat. 25% of all Fiat transactions will be used as buy-back and added into the Rhythm Liquidity Pool every month. This means that ALL of our premium subscribers, including both holders and non-holders of Rhythm, will be investing in the Rhythm ecosystem.

Check out our website at for more information on the project. We have a product that has been Alpha tested, and we have a video uploaded on YouTube of a live demonstration of BeatPlaylist in use ( We have also begun the development of the wallet integration into BeatPlaylist, and will upload an updated video when wallet integration is fully developed and will keep the community updated through our socials.

Fundraising and Launch:

We successfully raised 40 BNB during our presale and launched with a market cap of 45k. Straight after Pancake launch we reached a high of 600k market cap and 120k Liquidity.

CoinGecko & Nomics Listing:

On August 16th, CoinGecko and Nomics listed Rhythm (, even though we didn’t meet their requirements. They listed us because we are a fully transparent project and business, with all the documents such as incorporation details and team information listed publicly on our website.

We recently got a TechRate audit which can be found on our website or

Partnership with HODL:

We just announced our first partnership with HODL ( resulting in new ATHs of 3m market cap, 360k Liquidity.

Coming Soon to Rhythm:

• BeatPlaylist Beta release in September

• Partnership with another project in development

• TylerHillYT sponsored stream on the 26th of August

• Promotions from Luna (

• Lots of adverts and promotions in the works

• TechRate Audit in progress

• Banner Ads in progress

• Fiat Buy coming in Q4

• NFT community market coming in 2022

• CMC and CEX listings in progress


• Name: Rhythm

• Symbol: RHYTHM

• Total Supply: 20 billion

• Transaction Tax: 10% (5% Liquidity, 3% reflection, 2% Artist Tax)

• BeatPlaylist Premium Service: 25% of all Fiat transactions used as buy-back and added to liquidity.

🔥 A product 4 years in the making with a genuine use-case

🚀 A registered New Zealand company with a trustworthy team

✅ Backed by verified influencers such as Luna (3 million subscribers)

🔐 100% of raised funds go to the liquidity

🏢 An innovative ecosystem forging the next generation of music streaming software

🎧 A focus on early organic growth to promote long term holders





BeatPlaylist LTD Proof:




BeatPlaylist Showcase:

SSB Post:

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  1. 10 % transaction tax means that to buy RHYTHM the buyer will be charged 10 % of the position? If that buyer would like to sell RHYTHM then he/she will be charged another 10% of the position?

    Like suppose someone bought 100 RHYTHM for 10 $ each so the position size is 1000 $, but due to the 10% tax the buyer will receive 100 *(1-0.10) = 90 RHYTHM? To sell the 90 RHYTHM of a price let’s say 11 $ – the position size 11*90 = 990 $ but due to selling, 990 * 0.90 = 891 $ – what the seller would end up after buying and selling RHYTHM?

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