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I have a rig with a 2070s (120w), 3070 game trio (with dummy hdmi, 131w) and 3080 suprim x (220w) on risers on a asrock b450 pro4 r2.0 powered by a a corsair RM1000X and lately when i start mining the rig crashes then a change the setting on afterburner like the principal gpu and it eventually mines. Today a add up a 3070 Amp Holo and i power normally, I start mining them apply the OC and it crashes. Shouldn’t the rm1000x be able to handle this( theoretically should, at least that’s what i get qet with a power calculator)? I add up a Seasonic 650w to power the new card an riser and didn’t crashed first try and i’m able to mine now. Is this a power problem or my OS is crazy and should do a new clean install or something else? And what’s the best way to manage the OC off different cards?

What do you think?

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  1. You can easily try hiveOS with an USB to see if windows is problematic.
    Your PSU should run those card with no problem the 12V rail can deliver up to 83amp thats 1000w only for graphic cards.
    It look like your OC settings are the problem you should try stock OC settings with power limit to see if the rig is stable.
    I doubt that running a clean install would do anything, personnaly i advice anyone to run a linux OS for better stability and performance.
    HiveOS is really good to manage multiple card its free if u have only 1 rig.

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