$Ronin Gamez Enters Cyrpto Space with sledge hammering team of 25 years of making 2D 3D Games

$Ronin Gamez Enters Cyrpto Space with sledge hammering team of 25 years of making 2D 3D Games


🤝Lead gaming developer and director developer secured partnerships with the people who worked on Games like Call of Duty, NFL 2K, NBA2K etc. And they have agreed to partner with Ronin Gamez to build our platform.

🎮Our game is being worked on as we speak by some of the top names in the industry!


fearless Director of development nicknamed the Ronin Machine returns to amaze, with our talented lead gaming developer Alex and major consultant and investor CryptoKid, all coming together to tell the Ronin story like it’s never been told before!

🎤With your host Developer of operations Mr.Hobbs.

💎See the big picture and learn where the idea for this gaming ecosystem started, and why we believe this is 2021s hidden 1000x gem!

👀 Stay tuned for this Tuesday at 7PM, for Ronins biggest AMA yet!


🎥To be recorded, edited and put on YouTube, this will be huuuge!!!

Ronin Gamez multi-player and Nft game platform Presale



Ronin is a multi-player gaming and NFT Ecosystem created to revolutionize the field of Parimutuel betting. This is a system that involves two players, who wager money on the outcome of a NFT fight. Each NFT is tied to a coin. The coin that increases most in percentage, will win the fight.

The person who bets on the winning character, will win back twice his or her wager. This will be in $Ronin Coins.

By incorporating NFTs into our Ecosystem we are able to bring together a wide range of artists, designers, and digital creators. By selling NFTs, we are able to help these creators peruse their career in digital arts. This is something that we are passionate about as a community.



Implementation of both 2D and 3D betting games

Release coming soon!

🧑‍💻 Anti Rug🚫 – Anti Dump🚫 – Anti Bot🚫 Hyper-deflationary tokenomics, with our unique anti whale 20/2 Tokenomics. (Max 20% sell of holdings with a 2 hour cooldown)

You’ll never see such a sexy💋chart on launch with these tokenomics in place.

Ⓜ️Massive marketing push starts today!



🚀🚀🚀 Do NOT miss the biggest gaming ecosystem project ever launched in crpyto.

💥Join our TG now for updates and to get involved!





https t me /RONINGAMEZ

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