RTX 3080 FE Hotspot Temps

*** solved ***


Hi Guys,I recently got my first 3080 FE (Yeah!). After testing it for mining eth I got pretty high mem temps, as you know is typical for an 3080 FE. So I decited to do a thermal pad mod like shown in this vid ([](

After I finished the Mod, I got lower mem temps (good), but my core and hotspot-temps jumped to 75°C (core) and 100°C hotspot.

Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this? The temps for core and hotspot where lower before the mod.

Thanks for advice.


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  1. I think you need 1.5mm pads for the FE. Thick pads mean the heatsink can’t contact the gpu core well enough to transfer heat. That or it’s possible you didn’t screw the gpu bracket screws down tight enough they need to be as tight as you can get them.

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