RTX 3090 MSI Suprim X won’t get lower than 305 w power, any ideas?

I have a desktop PC currently running with a MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X. I have set mem overclocks (+1100) / gpu core underclocks (-400) as suggested in miningchamber.

I don’t have a monitor plugged into it at all times, only when using it for gaming, however power from nbminer (mining ERG at the moment) is being reported as 305, sometimes just falling to 304-302. Shouldn’t this be using 290w with those settings?

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? I’m fairly new to gpu mining, so sorry if these are just basic questions.

Edit: lowering the power limit % from 73 to 58 was a big improvement on power usage and temperature and not affecting efficiency so I guess that was it. I was just puzzled on why websites would say 73% on my same exact model would give me 290 when it wasn’t, but it might just be “silicon lottery” I guess?

What do you think?

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