Safemoon is the evolution of cryptocurrency

I just want to point out that people like Howard Lindson of Stocktwits and CZ binance are what some would call “grifters”.

They’re riding the crypto wave and have done next to nothing for the crypto scene; other than try to become popular “crypto influencers” for their own gain and ego.

I would imagine the real crypto OGs are shaking their heads at how these fools think they’re the ones running the crypto game.

The developers of safemoon, on the other hand, are doing things the way the OGs envisioned. They’re moving crypto forward.

You all should make CZ, Howard Lindson and their ilk aware that they’re grifters. Let them know on their social media posts. Every day they get closer to irrelevance. That is their worst fear, being irrelevant.

What do you think?

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  2. Thomas/John/Hank and the rest of the crew will get all the well deserved glory and recognition from mainstream once they’ve delivered on the roadmap for there almost 2.5M+ holders. Simples.

  3. Didn’t CZ create Binance? Correct me if I’m wrong but in my opinion creating one of the most popular crypto exchanges isn’t „nothing“. Just because he didn’t do anything for safemoon, doesn’t mean he did nothing at all for the crypto community.

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