Safemoon needs to change their advertising strategy

Safemoon advertising is just horrible they give pointless clues that make people turn away after awhile. We look desperate tagging ourselves with people that don’t want no part to do with us. We need to change are strategy and make people want to be with us, make them need us not the other way around. We need to stop being in those voting groups on Twitter with other meme coins we need to establish ourselves as a giant. Stop the NDA crap that we can’t talk about this or what because all that gives us is hope without proof. So far the wallet is almost out I hope there is no delay, we got bridges but we need them to explain things to us as a family not gives us pointless clues because that isn’t a family that is family hiding from family members.

What do you think?

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  1. Really? We are within 1 or 2 percent from passing BNB in number of active wallets.

    Safemoon just needs time to grow into big safemoon. Barely 100 days old. 2,500,000+ holders.

  2. “Stop the NDA crap”

    Seriously? They’re a company working on developments with other stakeholders, so yes, there are NDAs, as there are with anything of this nature.

    People need to stop thinking that just because they’ve invested money they should be privy to every single thing going on behind the scenes. No project can or should operate like that, and if they had to stop every five minutes to update you on what they’re doing, well guess what, things like the wallet *will* be delayed.

    Marketing is always going to be subjective. Some will like a particular style, and some won’t. The clues are teasers that will pique interest and anticipation in some, and confuse or bore others. Either way, with over 2.5m holders and regular trending spots, they’re doing alright

  3. They just partnered up with a marketing firm or whatever the correct term for getting in bed with someone is. That’s part of a wicket on their road map. Let things just happen and be happy that you’re part of the journey from the ground floor.

  4. Getting people hyped, be that through marketing, memes, tweets, hints, etc etc is a good thing. Getting people talking, is a good thing. Creating an engaged community, is a good thing.

    The wallet is in it’s final push before release. Tweaking and perfecting before releasing to the masses. NDAs are commonplace; you’d know that if you were out of school and had some experience in the world. A closed beta NDA is the only NDA that I’m aware of.

    What are you really asking for? Do you want some more AMAs where the team reiterates that they’re working as hard as they can? Would you like them to walk through some code with you to prove that they’re working? Are you so impatient that you’re unable to wait a couple of weeks to get your own hands on the wallet?

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