This may have been brought up before, but what’s stopping us(safemoon army) from doing a holder-wide “buy what you can day”? Imagine if even just 1/3 of all holders bought $20 or $25 bucks collectively on every let’s say Wednesday…that would be roughly $22.5 million in positive volume. I say we plan a day to start. Call it #SafemoonWednesday or whatever. And see how many we can get on board to buy however much they can once a week. That growth would definitely catch the attention of new investors. And as a plus I’m sure we would also slowly deplete some of our whales stacks. Just a thought. That’s all.

What do you think?

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  1. Until the whales eat it. The problem isn’t volume, it’s the early investors cashing out. And that’s not a problem per say, it’s just the way things work. Safemoon would NOT succeed if we had the top 25 bags worth over 100 million. Especially not this early in this game.

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What is all this money??