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New to ethereum / dapp programming, but been in traditional dev for a long time. Putting a POC together however having a really hard time getting all the pieces to play nice together (and the documentation i keep finding is either outdated, incomplete, or just simply no longer works with current versions). Can anybody point me to either a tutorial or a sample project that has the following playing nice together:

* Hardhat
* Ethers (hopefully v5)
* React
* Typescript (all)

I have solidity contracts polished and running all tests peachy using hardhat / typescript. However setting up react seems to be a nightmare (ethers v5 documentation looks very sparse at best, extra hardhat config sections seem not to be picked up no matter what i do, etc etc). Would LOVE to see an example of React/Typescript/Ethersjs/Hardhat all working together! Even something that connects when you press a button and calls a simple tx / call on a script.

.. Anybody? (Or even help with advice: it’s usually something stupid and overlooked.. and half the issue with JS is env setup).

Any help would be much appreciated!!

What do you think?

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  1. If you need a full curriculum for Solidity / Smart Contract development you should check out the CryptoDevHub Wiki’s “Getting Started” guide:

    If you already know the basics you should check out this Tutorial:

    There’s also the CryptoDevHub Discord you can join to meet fellow devs and ask further questions:

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