SAVIOR Token | The newest and most up to date app linking cryptocurrency to future owners of pets to the most beloved dogs around the world | Presale This Weekend Join the Telegram for Further Announcements


It is with our greatest pleasure to announce and bring to the world the latest community led token looking to bring aid to dogs that need it most.

Who is the most excited to see you after a long day’s work….?

Man’s Best Friend. Dogs

The first token of it’s kind providing a real use case to both investors and our four legged friends across the world. Bridging the elements of humanity, dogs, charity, and cryptocurrency under one roof. Our goal is to bring aid to dogs, to give them a place to be loved rather than neglected, allowing those less fortunate dogs to experience the care and love they never imagined they could see.

An app intended for dog lovers to find dogs up for adoption in their local area. The first app of its kind. $SAV token will be released in order to give our community the chance to have early ownership of a new and exclusive way to adopt the most beloved pet.

The team has doxxed themselves in order for the investors to get to know the team better furthermore the first AMA has been completed and transcript of what went on has been included on Telegram for anyone who missed it. The second AMA will be more of an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of the contract and take place once the telegram has reached 300 members.

The audit and functions of the contract are currently being validated in testnet to confirm that it meets expectations for what the token has been promising to do. Tune in to Telegram for consistent updates on the contract, launch dates, and marketing plans coming in very soon!

There are a couple updates within the contract that we see fit for benefitting holders of Savior Token.

1. Anti sniping prevention measures, so we can ensure authenticity within our holders, and allow holders some ease of mind when the contract is released on the BSC.
2. Tax fee reduction on every transaction by 40%, by creating a centralised wallet for the Charity/Devs/Buyback. This allows a 40% add on to the project from each transaction and creates more confidence with better tokenomics.

More information will be released as we near the date in which the contract will be released.

Contract Release Date: 07/07/21 15:00 UTC

Website: [](

Twitter: [](

Instagram: [](

**Savior Tax Distribution:**

Liquidity distribution: 4%

Charity: 1%

Reflection: 3%

Buyback: 2%

Development: 2%

Join the Telegram for any further questions.

Telegram: [](

Telegram Announcement Channel:[](


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