Semiconductor Expected Earnings Dates

Semiconductor Expected Earnings Dates

If you are investing in semiconductor stocks it’s always nice to see how other stocks perform in the same sector before earnings. If I’m missing any or mistaken the dates please let me know and I will correct them. Enjoy!

07/15PM $TSM

Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE:TSM): Q2 GAAP EPS of $0.93 beats by $0.02. Revenue of $13.29B (+28.0% Y/Y) misses by $20M.

07/21PM ASML

07/21AH TXN

07/22AH INTC

07/26AH CDNS

07/27AH AMD

07/27AH TER

07/28PM UMC

07/28AH QCOM

07/28AH LRCX

07/28AH XLNX

07/29AH SWKS

08/02AH NXPI

08/03AH MCHP

08/03AH LSCC

08/05PM HIMX

08/09PM ON

08/10PM VSH 👈👍 (Hidden Value+Growth Surprise Play)

08/10PM IMOS

08/10AH INDI

08/18PM ADI

08/18AH NVDA

08/17AH CREE

08/18AH SNPS

08/19AH AMAT

08/19AH KEYS

08/29AH KLAC

09/02AH AVGO

09/29AH MU

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  1. I can’t understand why undervalued growth stocks like Micron and Applied Materials are falling. It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve held Micron for 7 months and they’re down 15%, it makes absolutely no sense.

  2. Excellent post Hefe. Good ol WSB action right here. Let’s FUCKING GO. 400 shares of VSH @ 21.63. Will average down if it starts to hurt with no worries in the world. Sleeping good on this one. Also looking at ITM calls for Jan 2022.

  3. I love the semis but I fear that when the demand for chips finally begins to waver and/or the supply chain finally is able to meet demand, the markets are going to trash them. Even though chips are the meat and bones of tech, they are a commodity and commodities are CYCLICAL.

  4. I’m increasingly bearish on the larger semiconductor stonks and quite bullish on the smaller cap ones. INDI is one in particular I would love to see a nasty dip on to pile into shares. My LEAPS would be sad, but thats what I get for going options heavy on a recent SPAC merge.

  5. C’mon, Man! NVDA bounce for next week’s after split rally will be paying off large! Who needs to wait for earnings, these guys rock! And, they will be more accessible after 7/20!

  6. 07/29 AIXA – [Aixtron.SE](https://Aixtron.SE) sells tools for the cs industry….

    at this point 56% of the epitaxial equipment market is Aixtron followed by AMEC and VEECO..


    AlsterResearch recently but together this research / forecast… predicting 20-40% CAGR of the epitaxial equipment market till 2026…

    on paper the stock isn`t cheap anymore but most analyst have way lower growth expectations…


    compound semiconductour the magazin but aixtron on its cover for their 25ths aniversary so think it is fair to count aixtron into this sector


    Volume 26 issue 6 , if you wanna check for yourself…

    yes i hold aixtron stock and will not sell them anytime soon…. still see a lot of upwards potential there

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