Sending XLM from Coinbase to MetaMask

I am attempting to send some XLM from Coinbase to my MetaMask wallet. When I enter my Public MetaMask address into the Coinbase app I get the following text in Red:

“Please enter a valid phone number, address or email”

I thought perhaps it had something to do with Coinbase itself, so I sent this to my Coinbase Wallet. In the Coinbase Wallet when I attempt to send to MetaMask I get the following text:

“No Results: This recipient either doesn’t exist or is set to private”

I know this isn’t true because I’ve got many cryptos in my MetaMask wallet.

Why is this happening? Why can’t I just send Stellar Lumens (XLM) from Coinbase to my MetaMask wallet?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Its telling you that because it does not recognize your metamask address as an address it can be sent to. You should be happy, it stopped you from losing that XLM.

    So your metamask wallet by default runs on the ethereum network. The only coins you can send to it are ethereum or erc20 tokens like shiba inu, uniswap, usdt… XLM does not run on the ethereum network, it is its own separate blockchain. So thats why you can’t send it to your metamask wallet. You need to store it in a different wallet.

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  3. you need to actually add xlm to your metamask first and have a wallet address to send to. i dont believe xlm runs on etherum network so may need to add network first

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