Serious question for all

Hey guys, bought SafeMoon, was riding the hype with it but I see no improvement in the price value. It has actually gone down “considerably” compared to when I bought it (I know it’s dumb cheap and any loss is minimal).

I was just wondering how many of you here, who actually read on and know about cryptocurrency think that this will become a good crypto in the future. I keep trying to read about the plans of the exchange block, Wallet, coin burning etc., but I don’t see how this is any different from the other ones and why is this particularly better (if it is).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

What do you think?

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  1. After everything you’ve read and if you feel like its not any different from other tokens, it might be time to let it go. There’s no point of staying in something if you don’t believe in it.

  2. Here we go again. This project is new. Give it sometime. Wait for the wallet and exchange before coming to conclusion about the price. The entire market is down. Relax Buy and hodl. You need some big balls to ride the waves. The price will go up and down. This should be a long term investment.

  3. Wallet, exchange and own blockchain will be game changing. The real difference is taking the safemoon tokenomics and having them across the board for all cryptos in the exchange making them have cryptonomics. There are a lot of other things in the works that aren’t 100% but very exciting, like possibilities of non internet non cellular transactions, person to person, businesses to people. This is the just the beginning. Safemoon card with no 10% tax but small credit card like fees will bring crypto to the world for real use case. Again a lot of these things aren’t new, but safemoon is going to be the first to do all of them.

  4. I just want to know if you’ve watched any safemoon mark YouTube videos yet? If you haven’t go watch him. Then come back and tell us what you’ve learned…. it’ll be worth it. Trust me.

  5. What all the others are doing is trying to copy safemoon but they won’t safemoon has the lead already safemoon won’t reveal what’s coming because of this reason too many trying to be safemoon without knowing how safemoon is going full throttle with projects that no one even knows about yet. Do you see people trying to scam and make fake profiles of any other coin?

  6. I do and I think the price action will change when they deliver on their upcoming products (the blockchain, IOT/5G stuff, Gambian currency, crypto exchange platform, etc). This is the downside of being an early adopter: you get in at a good price before everybody but you have to wait a while for the catalysts to develop and kick in lol. I’d rather be in at this price instead of chasing it after the blockchain releases and the price goes up 1000x. Just set it and forget it, you’re getting reflections remember

  7. If you invest in minimum amount and the lost won’t be significant, I’d suggest u hold on to it. Any sort of investment has potential for growth and doom. Any sort, companies, stocks, crypto no difference. Give it time and read on. No investment gives u results in few months. Give it few years and educate yourself in those times. Then u can decide to get out of stay in. It’s just 4 months. And btw, assess all other projects and buy in as well if you think it has potential. Diversify, compare, assess, learn, grow.

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  9. At this stage the reflections are worthless for most people.

    When i said sell. I meant it. The crypto market is useless. You either yolo in money you can lose or you invest in projects you know about.

    Putting money in projects where you are worried about the loss, or in projects you know nothing about is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Take your money and give yourself peace of mind. Dont listen to the people here. Its your hard earned cash and if you dont know why you invested it then you are a joker.

    Would you buy a car and then ask 3 weeks afterwards what the performance specs are?

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