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I received my ledger this week so will be setting up a metamask account over the weekend and setting up a validator with Allnodes. I’ve watched the info video but just trying to get my head around a couple of things:

Will I have a 24 word mnemonic for both my ledger and the withdrawal with Allnodes, as well as a phrase with metamask?

I couldn’t see what should be done with the withdrawal + deposit file once I’ve loaded the necessary to Allnodes. I’m assuming they should be kept but what’s the best method to keep them?

Am I able to “testnet” the process or is it only possible with solo staking?

Apologies if I’ve asked some dumb questions!!

What do you think?

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  1. Hi there, for Allnodes, you’ll have a 24 word mnemonic and deposit/validator key files. Those files are best kept off your computer so if you have a thumb drive you can put them on, that would be great. You can testnet the process but it’s pretty to understand using Boxmining video. I did not set up a ledger so I’m not sure about that part.

    I downloaded brave browser for security and downloaded Norton standard (includes firewall/vpn) to protect yourself while you’re setting it up. That might be overkill but I did post about Allnodes earlier this month and it was suggested to protect your computer while you’re setting it all up. Good luck!


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