ShibaMania – ($SHM) – A platform specific to Dog token events🐕 – Launched few hours ago – Current market cap only 5k – Huge announcement at 20:00 PM UTC – Website launch today

Welcome to Shiba Mania!

Shiba Mania is a meme powered redistribution token that is making a platform for all SHIBA tokens created and then expanding to a platform displaying token events of ALL dog tokens including verified rugscreen checks on every contract, liquidity lock check, Wallet holders check, Ownership renounced check, and many more features to come! (We can’t say everything out loud, as we have competitors ready to steal any bright idea they see). This project was created due to a 7600% increase in dog name tokens within the last month.

Shiba Mania will start with a STEALTH LAUNCHED few hours ago as it tied with our marketing algorithm. Read through to find out more.

Current market cap 5k.

Huge marketing campaign today at 20:00 PM UTC, also the website will be announced.


-5% fee for auto add to liquidity pool

-2% fee distribution to all holders

-5% marketing wallet for further growth, supply will be locked if needed.

-0.25% of marketing wallet reward the top Shiba Mania shiller!

-Dev hold 2% wallet, this can also be locked if fear is there, me and my team are in no way here to rug anyone, we have good hearts with the time to take this project to the moon

– Team consists currently of 7 people, 1 Dev who is also admin, 6 behind the scene shillers, who will join the groupchat as admin every 50 members until we have a full team of 7 with 6 admins and a dev controlling a 350+ member groupchat.

-Milestones will be hit and burns will occur, achievements will be sent out for longest holders no matter how much you own, these holders will receive token airdrops, merchandise, and maybe even the first Shiba Mania NFT.


Marketing plans begin with Reddit where majority of crypto users are. Due to the low liquidity, we will grow naturally and steadily to avoid big buyers/dumpers.

-After each pump cooldown we will begin the next marketing tactic.

-We will not release all information on marketing due to this being the main reason people will invest heavily into small cap coins.

-We have a marketing algorithm ready to deploy, starting off small and getting bigger than you can ever imagine for a small cap coin. Some examples within the algorithm reach milestones of Moonarch ads, Poocoin ads, different twitter following accounts to first start on smaller twitter accounts so growth between wallets can be spready evenly, all the way to Satoshi Street Bets and BTOK AMAs. (If we start on a massive twitter account we will dump), this marketing strategy is so on point, very excited to see how deep into the moon this coin will land.


Our main objective is to become a platform that reads token events with the name “SHIBA” in. This platform will read the name of the token event, have symbols beside it to verify it has been run through a rugscreen as rugs are the biggest crypto killers out right now. Not only will the word ‘Shiba’ be searched but many other attributes and words that compare to it that will also come up as a SHIBA token, e.g. ‘SHIB’, ‘ INU’, SHI,. After the progress of our platform displaying SHIBA tokens we will expand to a bigger platform that will display all dog tokens, dog name tokens have had a 7600% increase in the last month alone, these coins have also been breaking records destroying hundreds of millions marketcaps.

Project is 100% safe, with liquidity tokens burnt instead of locked so even the dev can never access it again. Ownership is renounced.

Check out the Socials below:

Reddit – []( ([](

Website – TBA today

Telegram – [](

Chinese Telegram – [](

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