ShillMoon – The Next Evolution in Community Driven Crypto – Launched under 24 hours ago, under 400 holders. 5% burn/5% straight to LP with no dev controlled reflections. 100T token shill fund.

**The Evolution of Community Driven Crypto From Dogecoin to Safemoon and Hoge to the Newest Breed, The ShillMoon Protocol**

With the crypto market returning to a bullish stance many investors are looking for fresh IDO and ICO tokens with legitimate use cases to harness enormous altcoin gains again. ShillMoon Protocol launched on August 22 amid this alt-season frenzy with aplomb, rising over 500% in under 24 hours with no sign of slowing. Touting an audited and unique hyper-deflationary contract, an improved tokenomic model, large yield staking incentives, and low Binance Smart Chain fees, ShillMoon aims to rise above the enormous gains seen in the Spring β€˜21 bull-run by its predecessors.

All Shillmoon transactions with designated liquidity pools incur a 10% tax that is divided into two parts:

β—‹ 5% is burned

β—‹ 5% is rewarded to liquidity providers.

However, a distinct improvement on the previous generation deflationary auto yield-farming tokens is embedded within the contract, the tax is not incurred on transfers. This allows holders to freely transfer ShillMoon between wallets, gift their friends or family, or tip a stranger.Another upgrade over the previous crypto generation is the concept of Fair LP. Unlike auto-LP tokens with centralized liquidity pools (e.g., SafeMoon), where the entire 5% liquidity tax goes to the team, the 5% liquidity tax is decentralized and shared equally by all ShillMoon LP providers, which creates a long-term holding incentive for investors.

The most promising enhancement to the cryptosphere and BSCsphere comes from ShillMoon’s Shill Fund. The fund is managed by a multi-sig wallet requiring 3/5 signatures to execute transactions and has been funded from 10% of the original 1000T token supply. The Shill Fund allows for significant flexibility in improving the ShillMoon project, in order to best incentivize community activity and reward the most active community members. The Shill Fund may also be drawn upon for marketing, liquidity, holder acquisition, or may be burned, whichever is in the best interests of the ShillMoon community.

The ShillMoon team and its believers reckon this tokenomic recipe will ensure soaring adoption for years to come. Check them out at [](




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