ShillSharks has been created to educate future investors and to expose future scams.

Shillsharks community was formed by old members of Shadow Investors. We proved how the main members appropriated money from investors in various scam projects. Because we attached evidence to them on an open chat with other investors, they removed us from their group. This gave rise to the idea of how to protect future investors by teaching them to read contracts, participate in ama projects and to warn them of other future scammy projects intentions.

We’re here for you guys! We don’t need no membership money, no fancy ranks, we are here to help each other the best we can. Honesty, Equality, Transparency!

🚀 We will never tell you what to do with your money
📖 We will try to teach you as much as we can
📈 Help you to gain money
🔊 Expose scammers one by one

Join to something fresh on crypto scene!

Discord: [](

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