ShitPunks – if shitcoins and CryptoPunks had a love child. Marketplace launched today! Big things in store for this gem

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Introducing the top avatar NFT project on the Binance Smart Chain. ShitPunks is charting atop the BSCscan NFT rankings list, only behind huge NFT games with considerably more transactions by design. With all 10,000 ShitPunks minted in just 3 days, the hype is absolutely irrefutable.


The ShitPunks are a unique collection of 10,000 individual, hand drawn NFT characters modelled almost 1:1 on the original CryptoPunks collection, but with a twist. Not only the higher definition sets apart the ShitPunks, no. How about reflection?


Every single ShitPunk traded reflects part of the proceeds back to existing holders. Get rewarded just for holding your appreciating NFTs without even having to make a sale. It is really that easy!


After selling out in 24 hours, having more than 3,000 active Discord members, having logged a record sale worth $24750 already, and running daily volume in the hundreds of thousands of dollars there’s just no debate – ShitPunks are the next big thing on the Binance Smart Chain.


This is a boat you do not want to miss. Currently all ShitPunks are traded peer-to-peer using official, authorized middle-men from the team itself via the Discord, while an actual marketplace is underway very soon. That means this is your last chance to get a cheap ShitPunk before an actual floor is established and the rocket takes off.


On top of all that is a roadmap including a wider ecosystem, character accessories, pets, cars, a metaverse for game services, you name it.


Don’t miss your shot. Join us on the Discord and get your personal ShitPunk today.

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