Shrimp🍤, The sea Pumper launching In 22 Hours ⌛exclusively at WhalePort0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣✖️ opportunity to financial 💸💸 freedom for al📈l ⚡!

We are very pleased 🙏and excited to present you with our brand new in-house token, launching this week💥!

🗣️🗣️Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity, to gain financial freedom💸💸!

👉Shrimp is the first token launch, through our WhalePort (Part of WhaleFall ecosystem)

👉Shrimp 🦐 will be full of unique features in order to make sure it is the ideal pump and utility token! 

Shrimp 🦐 will be exclusively trading only at WhalePort,  Through our governing Token WhaleFall only (means in order to buy Shrimp you need to hold WhaleFall 🐳)

🗞️More information on WhaleFall are available at our official Medium article:


⭕Shrimp 🦐 distribution:

•    5% – airdrop

•    45%- Farm 

•    50%- liquidity supply

🚨Unique features of Shrimp 🍤

👉1.    ☯️  Symbiosis reward : 

•    Symbiosis relationship can be formed with other Shrimp address

•    The Shrimp held by addresses bound together in symbiotic relationship are used as an individual #hash rate , and each such address can bound up to 50 Symbiotic address 

👉2.    🥗  Greedy Bonus Pool: 

•    based on accumulated Shrimp purchased amount of one trillion Whale or more for 24 hours , the greedy bonus pool will be activated when the purchase amount is lower than 1 trillion Whale for 2 consecutive days

•    Greedy bonus is paid to users with purchase of 1 trillion Whale or more on last day of greedy bonus pool operation (2nd day)

•    In 50% of greedy bonus pool, a weight is given to each bonus target (user) ,and remaining 50 %is kept to accumulate until another gready bonus pool triggered !💸💸💸

👉🔥🔥 Launching in next few days, quit your day to day job💡 and because and early Whale 🔥🔥

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