SIM SWAP Almost Victim – CASE # 06305164

Here is a shot in the dark but my account has been restricted for 2 months now…..I almost suffered from a SIM Swap theft on my CB account but luckily was able to deactivate the account before any assets were stolen. I lost access to my account and I went through the process of reactivating my account. I was successful in reactivating by providing all the information needed to verify my identity and voila I had access to my account again…..I though all was good. 2 months later I want to transfer to sell of some assets and I come to find that my account is restricted from buying and selling…..but why!? I jumped all the hoops to reactivate my account but now I am not able have access to my assets?

I submitted a ticket 2 months ago and have followed up numerous times with a few canned responses and CB did not even reply to my last request for an update about 3 weeks ago. Hopefully, I can get some help here and CB can stop holding my assets hostage….Please help!

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