SIM Swapped Error message says i owe 10k to coinbase. Activity from Switzerland?

Think I am in for a lot of grief.


On July 3rd my phones SIM stopped working, I had no idea what that meant and simply got a new sim.

Today I get emails saying transactions from my account failed and then I see someone bought 10k in BTC. My bank account has a piggy bank online I put my money into so nothing was withdrew, now it says I owe 10k and have no clue what to do I didn’t authorize any of this!?

The account activity shows my account password being changed and transactions made from Switzerland, what do I do, legally?

I have changed to 2fa but these hackers already bought BTC on an account that had no money going to it.

What do you think?

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  2. I would think the same thing would happen to the hackers that would happen to you if you tried to buy BTC with no funds in your bank account. The transaction would fail. They tried to buy BTC, but failed. This would be my guess.

Coincidence, or not?

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