Single RX580 on Hive – 30MH/s but on windows 7MH/s

So I’ve been mining on a single RX580 for a little while (don’t ask, spare card so why not). Been using hiveOS just cause it’s easier, easily getting 30MH/s. I decided to boot up in a fresh windows install to see if I can use the computer for some other stuff, and I cannot get this card over 7MH/s. I used to mine with this card on another windows computer at 30MH/s also (a few months ago) so it’s not like I’m not familiar how to do it. Newest adrenaline drivers, molded bios with 1 click timings, patched and signed, computer mode. Overclocked, undervolted, using TRM with hiveon pool (only cuz I didn’t hit min payout when on Hive).

What the heck am I missing?! I’m at a complete loss. Switched it back to hiveOS and back to 30MH/s.

It has to be something stupid that I’m overlooking?

What do you think?

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  1. Try -rxboost 20 in your bat file. Also remove any -gt values and let it autotune, i know I’ve done that when copying bat files around to new rigs and get poor hash rates

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