So happy I got SCAMMED

*This post is for all newcomers in the space of crypto. I’ve posted across more subreddits hoping more users read this before falling for these kinds of scams.*

**TLDR**: I got scammed for about $300 USD worth of tokens by someone who pretended to be a representative for a big DEFI platform (sent me to a Uniswap look alike website that phised my data). Yes, I was indeed gullible but I see it as a very efficient $300 USD Training Course, could have been much worse.


**(1/3) How I got SCAMMED**:

I am mostly a passive user lurking on reddit/telegram/discord but this time I really needed help with something.

So, in my case I had a question about a feature on the AAVE platform. The chat was offline so I turned to other channels (Telegram).

Joined the Telegram channel, posted the question, and in about 10 seconds someone sent me a Private Message (Wow, that was fast, cool I said). Of course he was going under the nickname of one of the admins. I searched his name, linkedin profile checks out, he was on the exchange team, I say “All Good”.

He then says that I have to connect my wallet to a “Uniswap Node” which was a Uniswap look alike phishing website. The “Metamask Popout” appeared and I entered my Metamask password…. Loading… loading…. Loading…. Nothing.

And then, I took his advice and did the unthinkable, I entered my seed phrase. It took me like 2 more minutes of loading… loading…. to realise this might just be a scam… so I went to check my Metamask wallet… Empty.


**(2/3)** **How can I be happy I got scammed?**

Onboarding the crypto space can be overwhelming for some of us.

If I would have had all my Crypto in the Metamask Wallet, things could have been much much worse.

Trying to see the good side – I just went through a 300 USD training course.


**(3/3)** **What I’ve learned:**

1. If someone sends you a private message first in a public support channel (Discord / Telegram / etc), it’s probably a scammer.
2. Never give out your seed phrase (the 12 word phrase) to anyone.
3. Double check the URL of the website you are on, it might just be a fake website
4. Never give out your seed phrase (the 12 word phrase) to anyone.
5. Take your time, being hasty can lead to costly mistakes
6. Never give out your seed phrase (the 12 word phrase) to anyone.


1. All (ALL OF THEM) videos on Youtube with giveaways where you send X crypto and you get more, are scams.
2. Triple check the destination address when you make a transaction (there is Malware out there that pastes the scammer’s address instead of yours)
3. Try to keep your crypto on a cold storage device

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  1. Hi! I’m really sorry this happened to you, but I’m wildly impressed with your resilience and willingness to take it as a learning opportunity rather than a doomsday event. On the flip side of that, you spammed the same post about twenty times over two weeks which is highly frowned upon.

    Anyway, as I’m looking at the places you posted about this, it appears your not aware of the thriving community on the /r/ethfinance daily thread. It would have been the perfect place to post either your initial questions that you posted to telegram, or a single perfect place to post about your loss experience. [Here’s a link to today’s discussion]( and you’ll find a new lively discussion every day.

    Best wishes!

  2. Sorry OP! Hopefully this educates folks! Glad it wasn’t an amount bigger than $300 like you said.

    If anyone ever asks for your seed phrase make sure you respond with “my seed phrase is ‘go fuck yourself and I hope you get liquidated by another scammer’”

  3. The fact you’ve spun being scammed into a lesson is amazing. 1st week diving into the crypto world and MAN! I’m loving all the information. Good luck on your future ventures.

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