Some Questions about the London Fork, among other items?

I have some stupid questions about this, meaning they could be trivial. But trying wrap my tiny brain around it lol.

1) With the London Fork, On August 4th, moving it from the Testnet to the Mainnet. I hear all these talks about ETH having not a hard cap on supply of coins. Since everyone builds on top of ETH, it makes sense it needs wiggle room – some coins (ETH) need to made for certain purposes. Does this effect pricing not having a hard cap of coins in total supply?

2) It seems every time BTC is down, ETH follows suit. And all the other coins/tokens go crashing down with it. If it’s down slightly others don’t move so much, but it’s big dip, the ceiling falls down. Is ETH build on top or partnered with BTC which is why it drops hand-in-hand?

3) Everyone talks about ETH surpassing BTC, the only way I can see that happening is a) if BTC goes sideways and ETH surpasses it with the upgrades, aka coin cake goes up or b) BTC crashes so hard it takes down the market to say BTC $5,000, and as it gains momentum again, ETH surpasses BTC? I am not an expert nor do I proclaim to be on in crypto I’m just a normal dude trying understand the how or why it would happen, etc because I have a tiny brain and don’t really know.

What do you think?

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