Sources have reported the launch of Dogecoin futures on CME. Their veracity is being questioned

The operator of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME Group is not going to launch futures on the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, contrary to reports, writes The Block .

The first to publish this was Twitter account @FirstSquawk, which spreads breaking news from Bloomberg Terminal and other sources. “THE CHICAGUE COMMODITY EXCHANGE REPORTEDLY LAUNCHES DOGECOIN FUTURES,” he wrote .

According to The Block, the exchange operator did not respond to the request, however, several sources familiar with the situation said that such a product was not in the company’s plans. Institutional trading space representatives also noted that the CME would alert them of its intention to introduce such an instrument.

“None of the CME contacted us about this. They usually let us take a look, ”said one of the managers.

The primary source of information is an unverified Reddit post. Community members also began to suspect that @FirstSquawk and several other accounts of this kind may have passed to the new owner and are now being used to publish fake news to manipulate the market. So, on Sunday they posted a message that the US authorities are preparing to bring charges against a number of financial institutions for money laundering through cryptocurrencies. Lawyers noticed a number of inconsistencies in the message . At about the same time as its publication, the bitcoin price went down sharply and reached around $ 51,000.

Also today, the account of a similar focus @Fxhedgers released a statement that initially the decline in the price of bitcoin was caused by the sale of 9000 BTC by whales on the Binance exchange. “The selling pressure was enough to trigger the liquidation of short-term speculators, which caused a severe collapse in the exchange rate,” writes Fxhedgers. In the past, such analytical remarks were unusual for this account.

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