Spacechain satellite πŸ›° mesh network

I have a theory on the rabbit looking up at the carrot on the moon. We are the rabbit wanting to get to the carrot (money). The stars are the constellation of satellites πŸ›° that will provide the mesh network for the blockchain we will be operating on….Imagine that, I think I have solved how a large area such as Africa could be brought on line in an even more secure faster transacting environment than we currently have! Spacechain are a Singapore based company who have just recently put blockchain into space (google them) …they are using a constellation of satellites πŸ›° in a mesh network for blockchain based applications! Perhaps the owls are the blockchain based ….Ontology Web Language …(OWL) that the Sats will be using! Look up spacechain, have a read, and let me know what u all think?? πŸ€”

What do you think?

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