Spaceium – The decentralised blockchain financial platform you’ve been waiting for. Going live today 5PM UTC+2(GMT+2)! ☄️

❓Who created Spaceium? ❓

Spaceium was created and founded by Nils-Julius Byrkjeland (me). We’ve worked really hard to be where we currently are and it’s a pleasure and exciting time that are ahead of us. We’ve been working on desiging and creating this project for over 1.5 years and we are really exciting for todays launch!

🚀 What is Spaceium? 🚀

Spaceium is a blockchain powered financial technology banking platform. Creating pathways for people all over the world. Decentralized, transparent and honest. Spaceium’s vision is to provide and establish connections between people, merchants and companies that want to provide a faster, securer and decentralized solution for payment processing for their customers, friends or loved ones.

🔑Key features 🔑


-Masternodes (2500 SPM needed)

-Instant transactions


-Marketplace, reselling physical and virtual goods

-Money transfers Worldwide

-Earn by 10% of all transaction fees when staking

-Point-of-sale system

-Accept any credit card and get paid in the choice of your crypto or fiat

👋 Extra information 👋

We’ve built this blockchain and tested it with different mathematical calculations to create a sustainable platform that puts the people first and not the big companies taking to high fees on necessities.

– 10% of transaction fees goes towards takers

– 10% of transaction fees goes towards a non-profit organisation which will give the money directly for the people that need it in low income countries.

– 50% of transaction fees goes towards masternodes.

🌟Launching the 2nd(today) of July 5PM UTC+2🌟

Make sure you are ready and online at []( 5PM UTC+2 today!

🤑Price 🤑

Pre-ICO starts at 0.8€ per coin.

Level 1 starts at 1.2€ per coin.

Level 2 starts at 1.6€ per coin.

You’ll be able to create an affiliate link, where you will get 5% of every person that uses your special code. (Go to the discord to know more!)

Thanks for taking your time reading this! 😎


🔥Useful links🔥

Website – [](

Github – [](

Twitter – [](

Discord – [](

Telegram – [](

Announcement thread – [](

Instagram – [](

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