Stick To Projects That Let You Earn Passive Income While You Hold Your Bag! Do That Perfectly With This Utility Altcoin While Earning Steady Staking Dividends In Bitcoin & Ethereum.

PS: Do Your Own Research. This is not financial advice.


Bitcoin & Ethereum are The Top 2 Cryptocurrencies in the Space Right Now.

However, how would it feel to earn sweet daily dividends by farming a lowly token based in the Decentralised Crypto Casino Industry.

ENTER $[BET token]( !

$BET is the native token for [EarnBet](, and the BET Gaming Network. At the moment, this includes the EarnBet and EOSBet platforms.

Built on the WAX Blockchain, Earnbet is the first Crypto Casino to go fully decentralised, offering players provably fair and verifiable games as well as full custody of their private keys. The Casino is also partnered with Chainlink for Oracle Integration.

Now here’s the correlation with Bitcoin & Ethereum. BET Token holders can stake their BET bags and earn dividends as EarnBet shares its entire profits made on all Player-wagers in BITCOIN and ETHEREUM to these stakeholders. In addition to rewarding holders with these profits, the BET token also benefits from a “buyback-and-burn” with all profits from all wagered altcoins volume.

In other words, I earn dividends in Bitcoin and Ethereum monthly while watching deflationary measures bump up the value of my $BET hold.

Over $10M in dividends have been given out to stakeholders since inception in 2018.

The beauty remains that you watch your bag pump while enjoying monthly dividends in the top two cryptos.

It will interest you to note that $BET tokens has over 80% of its circulating supply already staked for dividends with a significant value staked long term.

* Total Supply: 88,000,000
* Staked: 61,452,921
* Burned: 1,499,898
* Unstaked: 13,231,813
* Uncirculating: 11,815,368

The relatively low supply of unstaked tokens (that is, tokens that can potentially be sold on exchanges) should interest you further.

Numerous Staking plans exist with the lowest at 1 day and the longest at 5 Years. If you’re a hodler though, I wouldn’t see the need to touch anything below 90 days (My Opinion).

$BET can be purchased on BinanceDEX, Uniswap, HotBit & also via the DEX function in the Trust Wallet App via swap with BNB.

Players also earn $BET tokens for each wager placed on the Casino tables.

Every week, Earnbet rewards the Top 10 Players for the week in bags of cryptos plus a share of 10,000 $BET Tokens.

This Week, there’s A 3,000 USDT + 10,000 $BET Tokens Giveaway going down at [Earnbet]( right now.
To enter, play any of the classic games on offer to earn Leaderboard points.

Top 10 Players on the Leaderboard by 8/10/2021 share the entire bounty.

Top Player carts away 1,050 USDT + 3,000 BET.

Play To Also Earn a Guaranteed $50 BTC Signup Bonus on first deposits above $100.

Earnbet accepts deposits in 14 major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, XRP, BNB, BCH, LINK, LTC & USDT.

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