Still haven’t broken a sweat

I don’t know about you guys but in the just over 3 months I’ve been hodling Safemoon I haven’t once felt like I had made the wrong choice. I don’t go on here very often, mostly cause I think Reddit is kind of stupid but it’s the best place to get news on Safemoon so I persist.
Caaaalllllllmmmmm Dooooowwwwwnnnnnn
My god Safemoon has barely been a token for 4 months, within those 4 months they’ve already done so much, so much more than any other prospective shitcoin could ever even hope to achieve. As soon as this wallet drops, and as soon as we don’t have to sacrifice a virgin and fist fight a silverback gorilla just to buy Safemoon, I can almost 100% gurantee you the price will start to increase and the volume will fucking skyrocket, meaning those sweet and savory reflections will be coming our ways on the double.
Just take a fucking chill pill and stop asking about price predictions and all that dumb shit, nobody can predict the markets, let alone the crypto market

What do you think?

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  1. Don’t expect the wallet or anything to increase the price. I personally don’t think it will. There is no guarantee it will change anything and I’m fine with that. No expectations is the best expectation.

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  3. So I went back to BCS to calculate my average cost per Safemoonshare on all of my buys since April until now(about 25 buys). I’ve noticed something strange/crazy. No matter when I bought my SFM throughout the last 3 months and regardless of price they all come out to exactly $.0000033 per SFM?
    Some sort of strange anomaly’s. Any ideas why this is?

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