STLD Earning Play – Leveraged Minimum Risk

Steel Dynamics releases earning after the bell this coming Monday (7/19). Infrastructure is still on the menu and you can’t go wrong on any steel play – CLF, STLD, X, or whatever. Free money in the coming days/weeks. The only reason I initiated this position because of Papa Musk rumor of buyout or colab, but whatever dude; if it happens it happens, if not Biden got my back. Regardless, insiders have been buying over the last few months and steel prices are not cooling anytime soon. China and any tariff talks are not going to take place in 2021, Biden’s too busy with the Rona and unvacinated Karens.

I ain’t retarded enough for FDs but I wanted some leverage positions in STLD or I bought deep in the money call options. This is literally the second safest play beside owning shares. Come with me if you want to make money, or gamble on FDs in GME or SPCE, I don’t fucking care.


Not financial advice, just prudent recommendation. Never go full retard.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree with this, but for different reasons. I agree infrastructure could be great for wind in the sails, but I think people are underestimating how much money these companies are going to make this year alone. For example, CLF is anticipating EDITDA of ~5B this year. In my opinion, CLF and X are making great decisions to not use the money to restart outdated furnaces and instead are cleaning up their balance sheets and investing in cleaner, more efficient methods of production. It’s moves like this that make me believe the industry is showing some discipline to not go bust and over produce. NUE and STLD are best in class and probably will benefit the most in the super cycle. I think either way you play, this will turn to be a great investment.

  2. 180 from your sentiment. Any infrastructure from govt will have no real price moving power. The only thing that moves this price is investor sentiment and it wanes every day. I’m going against CLF myself. Nothing personal, my opinion only.

    Edit (add-on for clarity): this sentiment has already been priced in. I’m not saying you are wrong to conclude that, but it happened 2 months ago.

You probably don’t own any DOGE.