Stop disclosing how much you own

Similar posts have already been shared but let me remind everybody

Lately ETH is cheap compared to ATH so many of us achieved great accumulating milestones.

But for all that is holy, STOP. DISCLOSING. HOW. MUCH. YOU. OWN.
So many ‘I just reached XXX ETH, it feels so great, thanks for your support’ posts in here lately.

Easy way to do the same without disclosing precise amount is to say how much percentage of your goal you just achieved.

We can all cheer for your great achievements and you don’t advertise to scammers how big is the target on your back. (Bonus point, we are all equal in percentage no big or small pp)

Reddit is like every thing (esp in crypto), it needs to be done safely.

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t see any issues with someone wanting to celebrate 1 Eth or .5 or .1 if that’s a milestone for them. I don’t see that any more of a hacking threat than everyone bragging about their “big bags” of whatever other coin they just bought. Especially now, when the market has been down for months and it’s like one good thing.

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