Stop Global Warming (SGW) Token | NFT Charity Collections | Active Dev | Community-Driven | Locked LP | Ownership renounced

Their vision is to combat global warming and climate change by means of planting trees as a means for carbon sequestration.

STOPGLOBALWARMING is a Global Initiative dedicated to developing programs aiming to combat global Warming and Climate Change and is involved to develop realistic Carbon Sequestration Harvests to achieve reduced levels of Global Warming, employing a myriad of activities including Afforestation, Reforestation, and Enhanced Marine Climate Management, and utilizing enhanced public interest and innovative financing mechanisms.

The Vision of STOPGLOBALWARMING is to inculcate simple, affordable, and effective mechanisms to reduce Carbon Sequestration and institute effective Emissions Control Systems so that Global Warming and Climate Change can be kept at manageable levels, to be enabled by empowered climate conservation processes. Supporting activities to avert Global Warming and Expand Efforts in Carbon Sequestration.

They are in the midst of establishing meaningful partnerships with likeminded climate change activist groups.

Today they applied to Binance NftForGood organization and they will list all NFT’s at binance marketplace this week. They said all collected money will go to charity funds. After I checked their NFT collection on website only I can say its brilliant.

✅ Short Roadmap

— NFT Farm is coming this week

— NFT Charity event for Turkish Community

— NFT’s Listing on Binance Marketplace

✅ You can check RugScreen Audit Check Certificate on website

For NFT Collection you can visit NFT Section on website


Total Supply : 100,000,000,000,000,000 SGW

%50 Supply Burned

%45 Liqudity Pool

%5 Marketing Wallet

LP Locked

Owner Renounced

Current Marketcap : 35k – 500 holders

You can get all detailed information from website (Contract info , Telegram, Twitter , Pancake Link , Chart )

– Contract : 0xa8532c7e8a191c2ed5800b366e612c7b5232d5ed

– Website: [](

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