Story time!

So I set up a business as a freelance chef. Alongside my culinary skills that I had acquired over my short 14 year career, one of my selling points was the ability to pay for my services with crypto currency.

I created a unique service offering catering events on a global scale and had provided services to some of the world’s most renowned celebrities and people of power and influence.

I was the Cryptochef!

I got into a fascinating world cooking for world’s craziest people and catering at the wildest events and parties.

These people were bloody bonkers. Crypto fanatics would be a understatement, but it opened a world of endless possibilities working in the crypto space.

One of the craziest events we did was create a 7 course tasting menu for Elon Musk. Him and his buddies wanted to have the first edible blockchain. This blew my mind but I was up for the challenge.

So with an initial investment and my previous gains in the cryptosphere I hired a dev team and got to work creating a blockchain which could be mined via proof of stake, proof of work, and also proof of connectivity so that it would cater for any crypto user and they could participate in any way they liked.

“ELI5 lol” This was a design which consisted of a first of its kind triple helix blockchain and the chain acted like a vendiagram with the central partition acting as the mainframe for the blockchain network with multiple doors to access it.

The stake coin partition was interchangeable with whatever crypto we wanted paying in for the event and this acted as a down payment to secure bookings.

Then others wanting to opt for the proof of work method did so using basic mining rig setups. These were mainly repeat customers in the global food industy.

For large events like festivals and weddings we had lots of users opt for the proof of connectivity method as they would accumulate tokens just by using their phone device as a node and the catering events would essential pay for themselves if they were on a large scale making sure to take advantage of the Macro Internet of Things. (IOT)

So how did we eat this thing?

A combo of VR headsets which were programed to emulate a triple helix blockchain, and was  linked to the venues smart software.

Aromatherapy, sensors, 4D cinematics and holograms

And of course, actual food!

So when you go a standard restaurant. You go to enjoy food and beverages, basque in the ambiance and generally have a great time with friends and family.

We strived to achieve this and more.

Every course needed to be mined in some way and the blockchain was timed to release the next edible course or “Block in the chain”.

Using tangible hologram software,  pre-made NFT’s gave customers something to interact and play with during the mining process

“Feeders” would wear green-screen clothing and headsets programed to see one another at the events so not to interact with the holograms or VR.

As the customers took their share of the block rewards, they would be instructed to try to consume the tangible hologram of the blockchain.

This was some Heston Blumenthal, Willy Wonker, David Copperfield SHIT.

The feeders would time the customers movements and as they pulled the holograms towards them using their NFT Cutlery  the Feeder would help emulate the blockchain being consumed.

My company was a global sensation and went on to open culinary schools world-wide and helped developing counties enter the crypto world.

Smart contracts would purchase goods and produce at rock bottom prices and most quality sources to ensure great profits.

Me, Rogan, Seth, Snoop, Elon and Cuban all got blazed coming up with the idea and were the initial investors.

Then I woke up

Hot and cold fever, hallucinating and feeling nauseous. I was having mild symptoms from my second vaccine earlier in the day and have slept 1 hour


Ps. Im aware i have no idea what I’m taking about within the crypto world

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