STRADE $20K MC – STRADETOOLS.COM just launched – New Token Data Aggregator & Tools

Any good project, including crypto, is about helping solve problems. Strade is all about solutions. Not a meme coin but a legit project. It currently has a market cap of only $20k and it has launched the site, which has it’s first feature. If you’re wondering why it hasn’t got a bigger market cap yet, it’s because Strade isn’t about hyping or pumping. Strade is about building and helping the crypto community, and I am sure when people begin to realise how undervalued it is for what they are doing, the value of token will shoot up.

Strade wants to be the site you go to research the new token you’ve just heard about. The site you visit to find new tokens that could have massive gain potential. And it wants to be the site that new tokens use to link live charts and data, in a easy to view format, for their token communities.

**What problems is Strade solving?**

They really looked at when people say ‘I wish this existed’ and decided that is how they would provide solutions.

1. I wish there was somewhere I can discover newly created tokens.

2. I wish I were able to filter the long lists of tokens to see which ones fit my criteria.

3. I wish I had indicators to point out tokens that are scams.

4. I wish that when I found a token to buy, I could just click and buy right there, and not have to try to look for it or avoid scams with the same name.

5. I wish I could show the community for my newly created token the price chart, market cap, holders, price and more.

**1 Somewhere I can discover newly created tokens**

Strade will give you a list of newly created tokens that have valid transactions and provide more data. At the moment you might be able to find a list somewhere but Strade will give you all the additional information that makes the list meaningful, like market cap, the number of holders, price movement, and more.

**2 Filters to find tokens that fit your buying criteria**

If you only want to see tokens that are less than $1m market cap or with more than 1,000 holders or less than a day old, you can do that with Strade. You can apply the filters you want and apply multiple filters at the same time. This is a powerful tool to search for the tokens you want. You can see biggest gainers, trending, most amount of buy transaction and many other lists too.

**3 Indicators to help avoid scam tokens**

There seems to be more tokens that are only intending to scam people and take their money. Not every scam can be avoided but indictors can show a lot that are could most likely be scams. Strade will have indicators to help you make these decisions, like showing if the liquidity is locked and other indicators.

**4 Tokens list linked to a Swap**

Strade will be a data aggregator with some great tools and it also wants to help you easily buy those tokens you find and want. Just a click and you can buy that token. For many people, easily those new to crypto, trying to find the token on a swap and avoiding copies that are only for scams, can be difficult. So for ease, Strade will help by allowing you to swap without leaving Strade.

**5 A page of charts and data for your new token**

With so many tokens being created, the communities want to see live data for their new token. Charts over an hour, a day, a week, the market cap, the number of holders, price, total supply, volume and more. These charts and data can be linked into token social media and websites so that the communities can see how their tokens are doing.


There is a lot more to come and Strade will keep building what the crypto world wants. By listening, it will be providing solutions to problems that people currently have and so will always be providing value. Strade isn’t interested about boasting the number of holders it has or market cap but it is interested in sharing how it brings value. If you’re interested in finding out more, join the Telegram. If you’re interested in buying the Strade token, you can on Pancakeswap. The link can be found on and

Telegram: [](



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