Summary report of Asset Value from Binance not available

I am applying for a home loan, and part of this process is for them to know the extent of my financial assets.

I can only see that Binance offers a small export of your transactions into excel format, which is useless to me or my bank. Surely a multi billion dollar turnover a day platform is able to generate such a thing??

This has me baffled, if I cant get something like this from them I will have to withdraw my assets to my financial bank account for the value to be credible, when i’m not actually planning on using it. Typically a bank can give you a portfolio summary, which is available on the Binance overview page, but for 500k loan they will simply not accept screenshots of a webpage.

Any thoughts? Binance care to address this?



tldr: can binance spit out an official summary report of your overall account asset value, and if not why not

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