Support requests being marked as wrong category and closed instead of routing to the right team

As someone who operates a support queue as part of my job, this is a horrible practice. I signed up for the Coinbase Card and got prompted to update my address, and had issues. The workflow didn’t update my zip code for my billing address, and I think my card is being mailed to my old address in another state. A number of transactions using the digital card failed AVS, and only after that happened did I check and realize my old address was still associated with my account, and my billing address had my old zip code. I opened a support ticket under Coinbase Card asking to make sure those pending transactions don’t go through and to see where my card got shipped in case I need to put a hold on it. An hour later I got an email saying they believe it’s a non-Coinbase Card issue and to please create a new case so it gets routed to the right team.

A good support queue system would let whoever decides it’s ‘not their problem’ to change the request type and route it to the right team, or at least state the reason or suggest what I need to do to fix my support request. There’s absolutely no reason to force the reporter to create a new ticket. I have faith in Coinbase, but that’s wavered a bit after experiencing this support issue.

What do you think?

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