TENGUBLE: Introductory Phase – Need Support

Introducing Tenguble


Introducing a platform for the people. Crowdfunding and NFT Marketplace for your need. We are currently in the ALPHA phase, and this document is more “introductory” than a release.

Why TENGU? Tengu means heavenly dog in Japanese folklore, and also a legendary creature that are harbingers of war, what’s more better than the current dog trend?

$TENGU will be the defacto asset to be used on the Tenguble platform. This means that any product we release will emphasis on this token.

**Blockchain:** Polygon (MATIC)

**Purpose:** Provide use cases for the people. Tenguble isn’t an investment platform. Our goal is to encourage consumers to spend and value cryptocurrency as they would with fiat.



* 40% — Decentralized Exchanges (QuickSwap)
* 30% — Wrap/Bridge purposes, will burn them upon voting via Governance if there’s no use case.
* 20% — Ecosystem
* 10% — Owner


* 10% — Total Tax
* 5% — Burn
* 3% — Redistribution
* 1% — Founder Fee
* 1% — Ecosystem Fee

These taxes will be removed once the current supply reach 400 Billion. We will implement a buyback program to reallocate to the ecosystem of our platform.

This is a community token, therefore we emphasis on fair share. We will be implementing a limit of $1000 per transaction on QuickSwap and other decentralized exchanges that depends on price oracles. This is our approach to anti-whaling that may bring down prices due to large sells.

**Please support us to reach our goal by utilizing our funding form:**

Tenguble Platform Fund — [](

Initial Liquidity Fund — [](

All donations will be in the form of Polygon(MATIC) as default until we release our token.

Note: We highly recommend using a desktop or a web3 capable browser app like Metamask or Coinbase to use our application. Please report any bugs to us!

Stay in tune for our official pre-sale and release!

Follow and share about our movement:





Platform: [](

Email: [](


We have yet to release our contract to the public, please avoid any tokens scams that’s using our name. If the token doesn’t work on our platform, automatically assume its a scam. $TENGU is our placeholder, it will not be our final token name.

We will post our most recent update on twitter and medium. Please follow,share and spread words about us! Any constructive criticism will be highly sought, as we need to optimize and improve our platform to fit the needs of our consumer. We will be active in our own subreddit

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