The beauty of Safemoons timing.

So apparently BNB has a burn process that takes place every quarter. Last time the burn took place was an April where they burned 600 million dollars worth of BNB coin.

Safemoon was created 1 month before that, in March….  And everybody remembers how well we did in April. I’d say that was because of the burn on top of the hype from us being new

I believe that they chose to release safemoon a month before a burn so that we would have a little boost early on, and more than enough time before the next burn to get Safemoon as big as it could possibly get in a short amount of time so that the next burn would propel us forward.

Next BNB burn is this month.

If we are strong enough this could be huge. ( and we also have that new ETH thing that could be going into effect… but im not well versed on that one.)

What do you think?

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  1. I remember last time bnb had their burn. BNB has killed at least 3 major Safemoon rallies because Binance couldn’t handle the volume. These were critical times when Safemoon was adding 100k new holders per day. I am so glad we are moving on from relying on BNB.

  2. I always assumed the rise in April was more due to a rise in crypto in general that month. Dogecoin was absolutely blowing up and everything, all the coins were up.

  3. Do any of your beliefs have any roots in actual knowledge or just throwing it out there into the universe? That ETH thing that might happen already did and it’s more important than any BNB burns. Being locked into a BSC contract means Safemoon is pinned to BNB value. Bridging and creating pairs on other chains gives it freedom to become it’s own token.

  4. So what’s the play here? Buy BNB now, hold until the burn, then use it to buy SafeMoon?

    …assuming that our price doesn’t rally as hard because of the bridges being built and becoming more stable.

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