The expectation were too high, lets be realistic and hodl

So i was very frustrated and heartbroken yesterday, i have been very bullish with safemoon since march, i as others also talked about this amazing new token that might become something in the future with family and friends, i have never cared about the price action only about the fundamentals, I and the rest of the 95% of the reddit was HYPE, heck i even printed 100 stickers and put it on several places and in my car….

the ama, the transparency, the nerdyness and the friendlyness of the team make it look like they could be a good project to invest, i think i have invested around 10k in early march, right now im still way above positive on my ROI so im not mad or sad because im losing money, no, actually i made some good money and for that im grateful.

Now the other part about the expectations, i think the expectations that i had were to high, some part of me really thought that Papa and the others were real bright guys (until recent weeks) and maybe i drank the koolaid by John, i mean how cant you not? there is so much hype….

Thats the main problem, we drank too much of that koolaid done by the community and the dev team, now i jsut realize that they are just normal ppl that became millionaires, they probably didnt even expected it,

Hank, Papa, John they look like good ppl and the good part is it looks like they are really trying to get something cool out of the door, but they are inexperience, all of them, and it will take time, a lot of it, so i think its time to be realistic and lower all of our expectations, they will growth (hopefully) and get better.

Last thought: deep inside me i really dont think this is a rugpull or anything like that, i do believe that they are going to deliver something and they are really trying, but they are just a startup trying.

TLDR: lets lower our expectations, team is inexperience, lets keep hodling and wait!

What do you think?

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  1. The wallet is only one key component of the big picture. What you saw yesterday is a small fraction of what it will offer. Releasing small chunks of the wallet to be tested is exactly what any smart development team would do. Could you imagine if they released it all at once? There wouldn’t be enough manpower to efficiently comb through feedback and bug reports from many “non-tech” users. Think of building a house and the first time an inspector comes to inspect the plumbing is after it has been built. Then, he discovers a plumbing issue, which requires all the cabinets, fixtures, appliances and walls to come down just to fix the issue and then have to build it back up. What a waste of time, money and resources! Building technology like an app is very similar. And remember, you are only seeing what has been selected for you to does not mean that’s all they have done so far. The beauty of code is it can be created and set aside to be used when ready.

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