The Market Won’t Crash Any Time Soon Because The Crash Is Already Priced In

Look here fucktards.

Everyone and their xanny-popping grandmother knows that the market is overvalued right now. Even the tESlA mAKeS BaTtErIeS iT’S LiTEraLLy NoT a cAr COmPAnY cult knows deep in their hearts that Tesla is overvalued.

So why doesn’t the market correct?

Precisely because everyone knows.

The crash is already priced in.

There’s a reason why there are record amounts of liquidity among market makers right now. There’s a reason why investors (including Papa Buffett) are hedging against the dollar while holding beaucoup dollars. There’s a reason why gay bears exist at all on this autistic sub.


Since this essentially bullish underlying demand exists, the market won’t crash. The crash and subsequent rise from buyers waiting for a dip is already priced in.

The bullish demand is only heightened by hordes of thirsty retail investors flooding the markets like refugees into Europe.

It’ll take an earth-rendering event to shake investor confidence in equities. Something so fucking big and so fucking destructive that banks and tech giants and goddamn Tesla and everyone else seem utterly irrevocably doomed.

No one is smarter than the market.

TLDR: Bears are just bulls in waiting. Inflation ain’t shit but a transitory sign of a recovering economy.

Disclaimer: This is a repost. I posted the original in 2020 with my old account. The unwashed masses were fearmongering about a market crash back then too.

What do you think?

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  1. The market will crash, of course I can’t tell you when. I know it will crash. 100% it will crash. Maybe it will be next week , next month , next year definitely in the next decade. Mark my words.

  2. I knew it it! Yesterday when I was down 80%, I listened to the tingle in my nether regions and used the last of my cash to double up. My portfolio diversity has literally remained unaffected by all this so called “inflation”.

  3. I, personally, believe the market won’t crash as long as the can gets kicked down the road due to covid wave fears

    Examples: eviction moratoriums get extended so properties can’t come on the market (this just happened)

    This extends the real estate boom in unreasonable prices

    This extends the housing boom in building

    Now the manipulative part: college loan interest freeze will get extended again so people have more money in their pockets, this will happen in September

    More money in pocket keeps retail boom going

    Other examples: federal unemployment benefit will somehow get extended in October, this gives people more money in their pocket to buy shit like cars

    Also the eviction moratorium means people haven’t been paying rent also have money to buy cars

    This keeps the auto market running at all time highs thanks to supply shortages and increased demand

    It’s Keynesian demand side economics at its best, they can pump out stimulus and extend programs at will to keep this cocaine fueled clusterfuck rolling for another year

  4. Any crash will eventually results in another ATH. Because we have the money printers.

    No point to let the cash erode in value/missed opportunity while waiting for the crash that may never come.

  5. Exactly the FED has been and currently is acting as if we r in a crash. Even if there is a leak in the cup it’s still not gonna b empty when u r actively putting more water in.

  6. Stonks only go up echo chamber is back (they aren’t wrong). This risk on risk off with inflation reminds me of the trade war.

    The one thing I’ve stuck to is “never bet against the fed”. The fed says this inflation is “transitory”. To me that means we won’t be going up for long. I’m waiting till fall and then I’m going back to puts lol

  7. Well this is a retarded post, so clearly you are in the right place sir.

    Actually yes some people (myself included) are waiting for a crash to buy cheaper, but that’s assuming you are liquid enough to do so. With the likes of me there is no guarantee. For buffet etc yes.

    But that does not mean they want a crash, it will be damaging also.
    But there are some forces in the world I suspect that want world economies to collapse. This is known as the great reset and part of a strategy to making sure that most people do not own anything. But rent it from those who do own everything.

    If that happens we have to say no.
    You gained your wealth from our backs and our hard work so share some of it now we have nothing left.

  8. This is the most interesting thing I’ve read on WSB in a long time. Of course it’s a repost lol! Did you edit it at all since last year? Even the bit about transitory inflation?

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