The Phoenix Rising


[Pheonix Rising](


In 2016 I wrote something on a social media platform, it couldn’t be any more relevant today then when I wrote it then.

I feel so horrible for all the violence going on right now, from the black people getting killed, to the police in Dallas. But these are these aren’t the only people suffering right now. How of the aboriginal women going missing all the time here in Canada. The Isis people attacking innocent people, their own religion or even Christians vs Muslims. So many other countries ran by dictators, or stricken with hunger or third world countries. I just wish we would all come together and work through it all. This divide continues to grow spawning hate in this world. I just wish my kids could grow up in a world of peace and non violence. Social media is an amazing tool to either grow horrible things or pull us together.. I hope it does the second. Education and growth, knowledge is key. Just have to pull it together. I respect everyone and anyone, colour or creed, or life style choices. You all have a place in my heart.

*This is the way.*

***The Phoenix rising***

*small part of what’s to come.*

Rolling off his mat on the floor rubbing his eyes he looked around his dilapidated shack. His brother his sister curled beside him, his parents across the room, the morning light cracking through the roughed in hole in his shack. His parents shared with him their one thing family had sent him, an old Samsung phone his precious possession his tool for learning, through his friends.

Pulling up his browser he clicked through to the marketplace, he had scrapped together enough to make crafts and had put them on a marketplace, one that he had just learned about.

Before his family lived off the meager tokens of selling to tourists, or people passing by in the street but now this is different. Looking through his listings his eyes lite up. Two already sold he ran out of his abode, smiling holding up his phone. Now was his beginning the ability to sell like never before.

To give access to his family a living that he couldn’t ever do before, the cost of shipping factored in he could now stake this money, he could make more and build up his business. Not one person in the higher class in his town would help him, but not he had helped himself.


**This is the beginning.**

Can you imagine a person who had no access to money before, but had a cell phone hooked up to a WIFI network, that could connect to the mesh network and be able to open up gates and things that he had never had before. For contracts to be formed to people that might not have ever had a chance to do things before. Guys, this picture of the Safemoon/Safe-x eco system is so much bigger.

We are giving the ability to the people who had no access to anything countries that are held down by dictatorships and horrible governments that need change in their system.

People can continue to try and ban crypto currency but can they ban a low flying satellite that transfers data down to people who are waiting for a chance to change their environment!

Realize that staking these crypto currencies and earning reflections from them for us is very little but someone that is beginning to see a few dollars in their pocket everyday would be a god send.

This isn’t one crypto currency this is multiple currencies that will be coming together to help a people that need it most.

Micro loans that people are going to offer these people to get their businesses started, how about having the ability to educate themselves on crypto, to be able to escape countries and be given an opportunity to try experience something they never had a chance to do before.

As they have always said no-one owns this project, they are here to help it be put in place but not one of these people are able to stop it once it has begun.

This system will be inevitable and unbreakable, continue to try and enforce the bank rules and laws, the fiats dilapidated system of use.

These transactions and exchanges will open to allow people to transfer money to their family at reduced rates 5% at less cost and give the people more opportunity to grow with what they have and make change in their own community!

To sign up for a credit card or app to pay for things that they never had a chance to get before and use to grow themselves. No longer will 18% interest be a thing on a credit card this archaic system will be coming to an end.

There will be messaging services, video conferencing, remote job posting forums to learn and grow.

There is a reason why the silence behind the project, because when the Phoenix Rises there is not one person that can stop it.

Listen to the heart..

Thump.. Thump.. its coming be prepared!

What do you think?

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  2. … You’re absolutely right, but wtahts about Elon? What when he gets the wrong sleeping pills and just kills his starlink 😅😂 hope not, I would love to see africa rise above Europe, iam so sad that I need to live here, we are nothing, we are just lucky not more! It’s a very sad and cringe world, I hope the army will help much people out there

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