The SafeMoon exchange should be named Cryptonomics™



**Cryptonomics**™ *By SafeMoon* 🤔

I personally believe **Cryptonomics**™ is by far the best name for the exchange in terms of branding, especially for an exchange that we want to be used by all of the crypto community. When people hear about the exchange we do not want them thinking the exchange is for mainly SafeMoon holders and people who like SafeMoon. We want them to immediately feel like it’s an option for them even if they previously **hated** SafeMoon. Which is why **Cryptonomics**™ is a far better name than something like “SafeMoon Exchange”

Honestly “SafeMoon Exchange” sounds pretty generic *(Imagine an off-brand cereal with the word “Cereal” printed across it)*, that’s kind of what I think about when I hear the word “Exchange” in the proposed name of our exchange.

**Cryptonomics**™ sounds more professional/classy/concise, and it just feels right in the context of the current most popular exchanges.

– Coinbase
– Cryptonomics
– Binance
– Kraken
– Gemini

**Jack:** I’ve always used Coinbase and Binance, which exchange do you use, Thomas?

**Thomas:** Yeah, I have Coinbase as well, but I mainly use Cryptonomics.

Not to mention **Cryptonomics**™describes what our exchange is all about. Also, If you do a search on the most popular exchanges, all of the top 10 are one word names as well.

Give your thoughts below, and if you agree lets blow this thread up and get it to the top of the sub so the developers will see it!

What do you think?

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  1. I like it. Even if they use another name besides the Safemoon. Maybe something moon related like “Apollo”….shoot, even “Pheonix” but i agree that “Safemoon Exchange” is too generic.

  2. 100% agree, I wanted to say the same thing but wasn’t sure how to word is so nice and concisely. It’s just such a perfect name.

    The thing is, I was thinking about this with the wallet and the hardware wallet as well, do you think they will be called Safemoon Wallet or something else. The points you made about the naming of the exchange can be applied to the wallets as well. You don’t want it to seem like it’s exclusive to just Safemoon right, but it obviously still needs attachments to Safemoon in some way.

  3. Drop the S just “cryptonomic” maybe… ? Put it in a sentence to see how it sounds. Have you been on cryptonomic? Have you been on cryptonomics? Have you used cryptonomic? Have you downloaded cryptonomics? I think dropping the S sounds better.

  4. I agree that the name is good, but unfortunately I did some research after the last “Cryptonomics” trademark hype post. It is already trademarked in both the UK and the US by companies other than Safemoon.

    US trademark is already owned by “Cryptonomic inc.” (Link expires so you may have to search “Cryptonomics” on the main page.) Also it is very difficult to trademark a name with a one letter difference, so “Cryptonomics” would not likely be a work around.

    U.S Trademark:


    and UK trademark:


  5. Saw your comment elsewhere regarding cryptonomics being trademark.

    Are there other names that sounds as cool? Maybe “Tokenomics Exchange” I’m sure others with more imagination can come up with better names.

    The point is, this need to have the teams attention since branding is an important marketing tool.

    I agree “Safemoon Exchange” sounds generic.

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