The student becomes the master, or something… David vs Goliath 2.0?

tl;dr for lazybones at bottom

The Safemoon project is so much bigger than anyone is giving it credit for.

Hyping up the coin is great. Being excited and curious about new features is great. Predicting (math abiding) prices is good fun. Solving the hints and puzzles the dev team give us is good and fun.

Here’s the thing though.
From what I’m seeing there is not much big picture acknowledgment of the fullest possibilities (imo likelihood’s).
Give Safemoon and the team some real credit.

Let’s talk about history

As far as I’m aware, Safemoon was a pioneer on the binance smart chain in the manner of static farming or redistribution/reflections. The amount of BSC coins that adopted this within 2 days (literally) and continue to come out ever since is way too many to count.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The growth since March is the fastest growth a token has ever seen in the crypto space. I’m beyond impressed with the teams ability to have scaled and grown as quickly and as efficiently as we have up to this point. Truly phenomenal. We are approaching 2.5 million HODLERS at record speed.

This community has been amazing even since the early days. The community continues to prove we are a force to be reckoned with again and again whether we are winning polls on Twitter, banners on whale watchers, raising funds to help get us on exchanges early on, you name it. The #SAFEMOONARMY is quite fun to be a part of.

Let’s talk about where we’re at.

Did you guys hear about the wallet? The Safemoon app wallet thingy?????? How many other projects have done this???
This is crazy.
What’s crazier is that this is pretty much the new step one. We have also just successfully bridged to ETH successfully.

Here’s where we get to the fun stuff.

The Safemoon blockchain with smart contract capabilities is coming. The Safemoon Exchange is coming. We all know this and are aware of it and still the team continues to suggest and tease even MORE fun stuff they can’t even tell us about yet.

Not sure about you guys, but I can’t wait to be able to say, “ oh just look up Safemoon on the App Store” instead of “oh download this and that and watch this 5 minute YouTube video” when people ask me how to buy Safemoon.

I’m not even gonna get into the other stuff.
Let’s first look at the blockchain.

Transitioning from a token to a coin is huge. I believe it’s been confirmed to have 14k bit encryption along with smart contracts. This will help correct reflections and make it easier for new exchanges to list us. There’s so much more to the blockchain but…

Obviously this is amazing. But here’s where we start to look at the REAL big picture.

The team has mentioned before their intent to support tokenomics for all coins listed on the exchange/wallet eventually. This is a game changer to the interest/reward rates that other services are currently offering. What I think is hilarious though is that we will be listing Binance coin.

Speaking of binance, they’re scared of us. Why don’t you think they will list us? It’s so obvious that Ive transitioned from the “screw binance blah blah” to just laughing at what I see as their future demise. Why are they scared of us? After all we are just little wittle itty bitty baby shitcoin/memecoin right?
Well, we’ve crashed their smart chain multiple times, we’ve grown at record speeds, our dev team is fucking LEGIT, and literally too much for me to list. Binance is terrified of Safemoon and the roadmap ahead of us.

Fear is the product of legitimization.

Whats even crazier to me is that Binance is the #1 exchange in the world by FAR.
I don’t think they have any business being #1 right now even without the Safemoon exchange in the mix yet, and certainly not by as commanding a lead as they have.

Here’s some exchange data from July 14 4:10pm EST via CoinMarketCap:
Volume (24h)
1. Binance – $13,895,950,862
2-10 COMBINED (Including binance.US) ~$8,000,000,000


Im pretty sure anyone who has used binance feels similarly to me when i say that binance is literally a bad app with bad customer service, subpar UI, and unreasonable locked periods (10 days US). How they are commanding all the volume is completely beyond me.

Even if I’m alone in this last take, it gets better.

Binance is in deep water right now with investigations bans and whatever, but once the blockchain is complete then I think the demand for BNB will also go down since it’s no longer necessary to buy to purchase Safemoon.

Here’s the best part though. When tokenomics are fully integrated into the wallet for other coins, it’s very possible that the Safemoon wallet will be a better place to hold BNB than on Binance. Sure there is staking, but the ease of being able to search “Safemoon” on the App Store and then have a pretty UI that automatically feeds you rewards on your coins is much easier for an average or new user.

I haven’t even mentioned how the volume massively helps the burn and reflections, how that helps should already be obvious.

To finish up,
Safemoon has a real possibility to become a top 5 exchange, soon. I don’t think dethroning Binance is out of the question either. The fact that CZ wouldn’t allow anyone to even mention Safemoon when naming Papa influencer of the year is even more credit too Safemoon and this project.

Forgive my scrambled thoughts, I’ve tried to keep this somewhat in order and organized,please offer edits or corrections if necessary.

Let’s have some patience and try to see the bigger picture here, this project is special.

Let’s also remember to get Safemoon trending on the App Store on the release day 🙂


Have just a 6 month vision and understand that binance is and has been afraid of us for a long time. The fall of binance is coming. It’s David vs Goliath 2.0 except it’s David and the #SAFEMOONARMY vs. a sick Goliath.
Safemoon will continue to pioneer.

#SAFEMOON is the evolution!

What do you think?

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  1. You deserve a cookie for your speech, sire. Well said. It’s been obvious that Binance was against Safemoon since beginning. Coinmarketcap problems (binance baby), and it’s actually naughty from their side because we pumped up bnb to ath at the beginning of Safemoon. But time will come for them. Sooner than they expect, and just right for us.
    Hold strong brothers and sisters, for the time of the Safemoon is coming

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