The surprising reality of taxable DeFi events

Hey all – last week I talked to Andrew Gordon (/u/Gordon_Law), a lawyer who specializes in crypto taxation, about DeFi and taxes. I think the way that DeFi events are (*likely)* taxed will surprise a lot of traders – especially liquidity swaps. We also talked about staking and how each exchange does things behind the scenes potentially plays a role in how staking could be taxed. Plus – everyone’s favorite 2021 topic, NFTs.

You can check out the episode here: [DeFi and Crypto Taxes: Liquidity, Staking, and NFTs](


01:45: Taxes on Liquidity Pools and Liquidity Swaps

12:07: Taxes on Staking Crypto (ETH2)

17:15: Crypto as Collateral – A Tax Saving Strategy?

22:00: Taxes on NFTs

Hope you all enjoy/find some useful information here! If there are any additional questions you all have about DeFi and taxation, feel free to leave them here and I can get some answers. And, of course, I did my best here to obey all the subreddit rules – I think this is really niche info that a lot of crypto traders would benefit from, so if I need to change this post at all, please let me know.

What do you think?

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