The team with an incredible experience and 2 members right from PokemonGo!

The team with an incredible experience and 2 members right from PokemonGo! 

The project is right out of stealth and I want to share it! AtlantisBSC is releasing the Treasure Hunting game (PokemonGo mechanics with treasures instead of pokemon). One of the team members (Irina) works in PokemonGo (Niantic) as a senior graphic designer. Another member (Veronica) has worked with PokemonGo’s marketing.

The industry capitalization is $85 billion. PokemonGo adds $8 billion to Niantic’s capitalization. With the immensely experienced team who worked with PokemonGo and helped other projects in the blockchain – this project can become a leader of the Augmented Reality niche in the blockchain (even $500 mil – $1 bill is just a beginning). Atlantis will not be bound to only Binance Blockchain, it will be across ALL MAJOR blockchains and all of the DEX exchanges will benefit from leveling the liquidity by self-arbitrage, so, the price of ANY single cryptocurrency will not affect Atlantis as long as the overall market is steady or in the uptrend! This is a unique capability. 

On top of that, with the launch on Binance the team developed a trusted smart contract which passed audits with an A grade.
Currently the project is in private sale and the private sale recently started for all early members. The public presale will be on July 18th with pancake launch.
Major promotions are coming very soon and they have a referral program where you can earn their tokens before the launch and then they will be airdropped to you. 

Tax distribution (10% overall)

3.5% – Development Wallet and liquidity

6.5% will be given back to the players and the holders!

Introductory links:

Website –

Telegram – atlantisBSC

Twitter – atlantis_bsc_

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