This SafeMoon Sunday…

We have been waiting for this AMA,it felt like ages when we had our last one.We were ready to hear news, new developments and about our products.For the AMA, scroll down to:


Yesterday, we had the launch of the open beta for the wallet.Well, we as a SafeMoon Army, we did what we are good at:We broke the SafeMoon website.There were over 5.2 million website visits, can you imagine?Only 10.000 downloads were available.I was lucky I got in, but the SafeMoon Wallet crashed and why?We did what we are good at:We broke the testservers.Hank responded on these matters and said that we have beaten ourprevious ATH when it comes to website traffic, by far!

When it comes to the SafeMoon Wallet, there was not much to test,because things needed to be fixed after the attack of the Safemoon Army.A lot of SafeMooners would’ve been happy with screenshots of the app,or a presentation done by the Dev’s.I am sure the rest of the beta testers will start their testing againafter things are fixed, patched and recovered.This is what beta’s are for!

Realize one thing, the price jumped, and that is just becauseof a BETA Wallet. Just think about the price when we get the release of theactual wallet, our exchange and our blockchain!It’s quiet in FudLand..

Before we start about the AMA, there is one thing I need to address,which is the unity we have in this community.Lately we have been dealing with some crazy FUD, waves of FUD, to break us,the Safemoon Army and to break our SafeMoon.People are jealous because of the Dev’s we have, the rapid development ofSafeMoon, the future of SafeMoon and it’s amazing community.We have dealt with the FUD, and I can guarantee you, there will be more coming.We know how to deal with FUD, we break FUD.We also do the same with DIPS, instead of crying about these DIPS,or SALE if you want to name it like that, we EAT DIPS.Get in, top up your bag, while it’s still early!

A shoutout to SatoshiStreetBets, Safemoon Michael, Shaun Witriol, Safemoonmark, CryptoZEUS, Steven Clarke, Investing With Ishaan and SafemoonJoe, for sticking with SafeMoon and the SafeMoon Army.Your efforts for updates and educating SafeMooners and future SafeMooners are well appreciated!If I missed anyone, my apologies!

Now, on to the AMA (sorry for my long intro).As said before, it felt like ages since we had our last AMA.We knew, this AMA had to deliver some great updates and news.Ah, It’s not an AMA, but a SafeMoon Sundays!Happy to see John and Jack again, happy they recovered from Covid!


At 21:00 EST the countdown of 10 minutes started.I like the song I got to admit..the drums!At the countdown on 5 minutes left we already had 10.000 viewers!1 minute left and about 12.000 viewers, amazing.

The great intro started, hyping song, nice video!Welcome to SafeMoon Sundays.The “studio” looks great, it has a modern look.Updates, wallet, keymoments of this year and the next year and what the fudwill be coming up.

CMC has taken us of the meme coins.SafeMoon has become a crosschain token because of the bridges.Thomas won the influencer award from Binance.The SafeMoon Wallet is in Beta.The team is growing globally, new partnerships and a new headquarters in Utah??

Going to the wallet.The wallet will be for SFM but also for other tokens.Security is an important case of the wallet.The team is working on the buy button.

John does not like the word roadmap, but he likes keymoments.The SafeMoon wallet will launch on August 28th.Version 2 Token Launch will be coming in september together with bridge releases (WAX and EOS), but more on that on other SafeMoon Sundays.In October the Safemoon Exchange will be launched.In November the team will get started on Podcasts.In December the blockchain will be launched and we will get updates on Pheonix and theGambia.

What the Fud. Do they know the Whale 1? They don’t know them.Partnerships are very important, and so are NDA’s.If the technique is not good enough, then it won’t be used.The team is still looking for listings, quality listings.

Safemoon Sundays are back, unless there are thing coming inbetween.They will be bi-weekly.When it comes to communication, the team loves to share everything,but there are competitors.As much as information will be released as possible.

This was a short, strong SafeMoon Sunday, but VERY informative, when it comes to the roadmap!I mean keymoments!

The next Safemoon Sundays will be on August 22.

My fellow astronauts, we are SafeMoon, we are family!

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