To anyone that may be upset Papa Thomas didn’t mention Safemoon in his award speech…

… I’ll just ask you consider it like this:

Thomas won a huge award recognizing his contributions to the crypto space and instead of using that opportunity to selfishly shill his own project, he put out a message of unity and positivity for all of crypto. A truely class act and an act in the spirit of our community.

Additionally, he may not have even been allowed to do so for one reason or another, either for legal reasons, Binance’s reasons, or Safemoon’s reason.

Either way, this was a huge win for Thomas and the Safemoon community, and we should all be proud of our win.

Congrats to Thomas and I’ll see you all on the moon, my fellow owls! 🦉🚀💎🖐️

What do you think?

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  1. I bet pretty strongly it’s your second paragraph.

    They didn’t mention it in his profile either, even tho they did for other smaller awards.

    Binance and safemoon obviously have an issue going on behind the scenes.

  2. The man is more than just Safemoon. We should respect that, because even though he could probably work for any crypto, he chooses to be working on Safemoon. He is a man with a brilliant intellect, and we should be thankful for all of his contributions to the crypto space, including, but not limited to Safemoon!

    Congrats on your achievement Thomas!

  3. Fuck Binance they mentioned the projects of past winners but NOT Thomas. Clowns 🤡🤡🤡
    Also, let’s not pretend that we didn’t want Papa to mention safemoon. It’s fine that he didn’t, but to pretend it’s better that he didn’t is nonsense. It’s okay to be disappointed…💪🏾

  4. That’s awesome. People will ask who is he and what does he do or work for 😉 keep it a mystery and they will seek you out and find out that you are a great part of Safemoon. Genius 👌🏽🚀🌙

  5. I agree… This is his award. Not SafeMoon’s. Binance could have mentioned something about SafeMoon in Thomas’ bio. But whatever, it just takes a 2 second Google search to know that Thomas is the CBO of SafeMoon. This forces people to look him up and read up on his achievements.

    Binance is basically telling everyone dyor.

  6. Wouldn’t people use common sense to figure out who this guy is?

    If I was some one who never heard of safe moon and I saw papa I would be curious of what does and look up the crypto he’s working on.

  7. “Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”

  8. If I won an award for the industry I work in i wouldn’t be expected to mention the place I worked. For him not to is professional. And people will now google who he is and be lead to Safemoon that way.

  9. 1. It was Papa who won the award not Safemoon. Just saying…

    2. I think the problem most people are having is that Binance never mentioned Safemoon. They mentioned the company names of the other winners but not a word about Safemoon.

    3. Papa can say whatever he wants to. I don’t care. That man (and team) is going to make me rich and he (they) are everything.

    4. I agree 😉 Good post

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